The easy way to create an assembled bootable Easy Rescue Tool System on CD or
an assembled bootable Easy Rescue Tool System on USB-Stick based on Microsoft Windows 10 PE

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EasyPE Basic System Pack

Programs which are included in all versions of an Easy Rescue Tool System.

Type Programm
EasyPE - the Easy Rescue Tool System builder
Fee required license
EasyTools - easy repairing a windows system
Fee required license
Driver Import PE - easy driver import
Fee required license
Foxit - PDF reader for Windows
7-Zip - file explorer and file archiver with a high compression ratio
GNU/GPL General Public License
xCHM - GUI front-end for viewing CHM-Help Files
GNU/GPL General Public License
Firefox Internet Browser
GNU/GPL General Public License

Following Microsoft programs are from the Windows 10 PE System. Free for Windows licensee

Type Programm
CMD.exe - system prompt for Windows
Taskmgr.exe - windows task manager
Notepad.exe - windows editor
diskpart software for hard drive partitioning
windows registry editor


Freeware means license free of charge for private use and on business.

Please read, accept and follow the respective application manufacturer's/ supplier's license agreements. Links to the respective websites displayed in the lists.

Changes in the concept and/or the product in all lists of tools & utilities, downloads at any time without notice reserved, errors excepted.


Purchasing EasyPE a software is shipped which entitles the owner to create a self-booting Windows PE System with few clicks himself depending on the Easy Rescue Tool Kit ordered.

Further information find at EasyPE.


Each Easy Rescue Tool Kit is shipped by German Post (only within Germany) in a DVD jewel case containing a guiding booklet.

Further help is provided at section Download and after the creation of the Easy Rescue Tool Systems on the USB-Stick.

Live Update

Each Easy Rescue Tool Kit comes with a 12 month free Live Update which can enhanced further 12 month.

Find more Live Update Information at the Shop.

Products which are part of the Live Update are updated regularly and kept ready for download on our servers.

Each Easy Rescue Tool Systems update is easily processed by the user himself.


All programmes necessary as well as the Microsoft Windows Automated Installation Kit (ATK) have to by downloaded from the Internet prior to the installation.
Also read section system Requirements

The local hardware access provided by EasyPE Basic System can be looked up in Basic Features in section Features.

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