The easy way to create an assembled bootable Easy Rescue Tool System on CD or
an assembled bootable Easy Rescue Tool System on USB-Stick based on Microsoft Windows 10 PE

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Basic features

of the Easy Rescue Tool System

EasyPE is based on the operating system Microsoft Windows 10 PE 3.x

Easy Rescue Tool CD and Easy Rescue Tool USB-Stick are both bootable

clear and simple menu guidance with Easy Navigation

simple one click solution, that assumes, depending on the EasyPE version, the download, integration and update of programs by the user from the Internet automaticly.

when updating the integrated programs on the supplied USB-Stick automaticly no new EasyRT CD has to be recreated

the programs which are downloaded and integrated by EasyPE will be saved on the supplied USB-Stick

fast booting because the programs integrated by EasyPE and the Windows PE system are using divided distribution on Easy Rescue Tool CD and USB-Stick

when integrating added programs the boot image will keep its size

swift working because the integrated programs are started from the supplied USB-Stick

full accesses to the file systems NTFS, FAT, FAT32, exFAT

access to removable USB and FireWire (IEEE 1394) disks

recovery of the boot environment of Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/200R2/XP and Windows Vista/7/8/2008/2008R2/2012 operating systems

no computer knowledge necessary

one year license (renewable)

automatic integration of hard disk drivers as well as automatic access to any hard disc controllers and their hard disks if the necessary drivers are available on the USB-Stick

automatic integration of network drivers as well as automatic access to LAN if the necessary drivers are available on the USB-Stick

Additional features

depending on the version of EasyPE

partitions can be re-established

recovery of lost files

Backup and recovery by hard disk image

Backup of device drivers in the running system as well as by offline access to a foreing, not started Windows system

recognizing and removing of malware

creating, deleting and managing of partitiones

safe deleting of hard disks

creating screenshots

network scanner

... and so on

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